Construction Project Timeline

Five Year Construction PlanĀ 

  • Construct a road from public highway into the ranch
  • Install infrastructure for water and electric for future phase two and phase three buildings
  • Funding for the completion of two churches in Las Pavas (both are in beginning phases of construction)

Ten Year Construction Plan

  • Construct the Multi-Purpose Building (5,450 sq. ft.)
  • Construct two Guest Cabins (houses 4-6)
  • Construct Laundry Building
  • Construct Staff Housing (3/2 house)
  • Construct a House of Hope for Teen-age Boys
  • Construct Recreational Facilities

Twenty Year Construction Plan

  • Complete Guest and Additional Staff Housing
  • Complete infrastructure for water and electric to extend into the back of property for more future buildings
  • Continue to help surrounding area church plants to build permanent church facilities
  • To have established Arbol de Vida as a central ministry base camp hub for Costa Rica and Central America