Message from Durley and Phil

Another year has flown by so quickly!

Phil & I have enjoyed serving the people of Costa Rica and Nicaragua in 2014. We had two fantastic teams join us for a week of sharing our time, work, love and compassion with those that we encountered each day. Robert Burgess says this about the trip in which he participated, “ My wife, Gloria and I enjoyed working with several churches in Guanacaste. The people are loving and have a passion for Christ.” Each of our team members comes from a different career background, however our tasks during the week are varied from construction, painting, delivering food, evangelism, and loving on people in general.

Another year of ministry lies ahead of us and God has big plans for His project. We are looking for folks to form a team of friends, family, students, or couples to experience a seven or ten day short term mission trip during the months of March- August 2015. Arbol de Vida will customize a trip to your special team which will include days of ministry alongside the evangelical church communities including light construction, painting, area cleanup, and evangelism. An excursion or two is always planned into the schedule!

The team spirit is built among its members as they choose and solidify their team and begin fundraising to help defray the cost of the trip. Team building meetings and a fundraiser should be directed monthly by someone who will take on the team leader role. A successful team plans and prepares five to six months in advance.

  • The cost of the trip is $1400 which includes, transportation, food, lodging, and excursions.
  • The participant is responsible for booking their own airfare/ flight (JetBlue, Am. Airlines, Southwest)

Contact us by email or phone for help with planning. or 772-286-2708

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