Mission Trip Application Form

General Information

___Male ___Female

Participant’s name___________________________________

Street Address______________________________________


Telephone# Home:_________________Work:_________________Cell:____________

E-mail_______________ Date of Birth:__________________Age:_______

Country of Birth:______________________

Do you have a passport?___Yes _____No If Yes, Passport #_________________

Country of Citizenship________________

Applicant’s name as appears on passport:_______________________________

Date of Issue:_______________Date of Expiration:________________________

In case of emergency, please notify:______________________Relationship:______________


Telephone #: Home___________________Work:_______________Cell:__________________

Adult Marital Status:___single ____married _____divorced ____separated

___engaged ____widowed ___divorced & remarried

Spouse’s name:_____________________________

Children:___Yes ____No

If yes, please list names & ages:__________________________________________________

If under 18 yrs of age please list parent’s name(s)____________________________________

Parent’s contact phone number(s)_________________ ______________________________

Personal Information

If you are in a dating/ engaged relationship, is the person applying on the same trip? ___Yes ___No

Have you been convicted of committing a crime within the last five years? ___Yes ____No Please describe your present employment and provide any pertinent information regarding work

experience related to missions:_____________________________________________________

Current Place of Employment:_________________________JobTitle:___________________________

If attending school, list in what year you are in ___FR ___SOPH ____JR___ SR____

Name of school_____________________ College or university study major____________________

Church affiliation:________________________________

Do you speak any foreign languages? ___Yes ___No If so, please list and indicate level of proficiency.

Spiritual Life

Have you ever served on a mission trip?___Yes ___No

Have you ever served in any volunteer/leadership role in a ministry in your school, church or community?___Yes ___No

If so, please describe:__________________________________________________________

Why have you decided to participate in this mission trip?





Arbol de Vida Short Term Mission Trip

As a part of Arbol de Vida’s Short Term Mission Trip, I make a commitment to:

 Raise the necessary prayer support for me & my team members

 Raise the total financial support to complete this mission trip.

 Submit to the team leader’s and missionary host’s authority.

 Conduct myself in a manner worthy of the Lord while serving Him on the project, and refrain
from any behavior which may compromise my witness (i.e. offensive language, alcohol, drug
use, etc.)

 I am willing to accept any and every opportunity to serve in whatever capacity I am asked to do
without complaining or grumbling in which I align myself with an attitude of praise and

Participant’s Name______________________________