Mission Trip Packing List


_____  Jean, khakis, or capri pants (These need to be work clothes.)

_____  Shorts worn only at the motel/No short shorts, must be longer length.

_____  Two nice outfits/one for church and the other for the return trip home (doesn’t have to be a dress or skirt                 as slacks are acceptable.)

_____  T-shirts/Ladies, no scoop or low V-neck necklines/must cover stomach

_____  Light jacket or sweatshirt for cool mornings and evenings

_____  Bathing suit/Ladies, one-piece (for use at the thermal pools and waterslide area)

_____  A pair of shoes/tennis or slip-on style canvas (One pair will be working at the work site.)

_____  Socks (longer ones that will cover above your ankles)

_____  Flip Flops or rubber sandals (for shower and bathing area)

_____  Hat or baseball cap to shade your face



_____  Back Pack (to carry daily stuff such as snacks, tissues, hand sanitizer, flashlight, small umbrella, etc.)

_____  Pack some snacks (your favorites), chewing g)um

_____  Camera, extra batteries for flashlight/camera

_____  Bible, pens, an empty journal book to record your trip each day and a good book (for down-time reading.)

_____  Rain poncho or raincoat and/or a small umbrella

_____  Toiletries

_____  Any medications that you take or use daily (such as Rx, allergy nose spray and/or pills)

_____  Insect repellent (there are chiggers in CRA.)

_____  Small First-aid bag (band-aids, aspirin, eye drops, antibiotic ointments, benedryl, ear plugs, sleeping aids)

_____  Suntan lotion (It is the hot, sunny dry season at this time of year.)

_____  If you plan to swim, make sure that you bring a small bottle of Swimmer’s Ear drops to place in ears before and after
swimming. This can be purchased at any pharmacy.

_____  Towel and washcloth (You may want to bring a beach towel for the swimming activities.)

_____  Your own pillow (if you can’t live without it and you want to drag it along.)

_____  Extra reusable, foldable shopping bag to carry whatever (you never know!)

_____  Extra spending money for buying snacks, drinks and souvenirs.

_____  Each person will be asked to pack a few Spanish Bibles into their suitcase to be given to a mission church for their                            congregation.

_____  The Bibles will be provided for you to pack. If you can pack your needs in the checked bag and possible bring a carry-
on for ministry supplies, that will help greatly.

_____  Your own Bible and a notebook to use for journalling.