Mission Trip Travel Disclosure Statement

Travel always carries with it the possibility of unique risks and hazards.

Arbol de Vida/Banyan Resources, Inc. makes reasonable efforts to avoid unnecessary hazards and risks, which may occur in special activities that involve mission trip travel.
Each individual participating on a mission trip should fully understand that the travel can be undertaken only (and solely) at his/her own risk.

Arbol de Vida/ Banyan Resources, Inc. does not carry medical insurance that will cover expenses of injury or illness incurred while traveling on a mission trip.

Please contact your insurance agent to be certain that you have adequate health, accident, and life insurance, as well as property and casualty insurance if applicable.

You should also plan on bringing contingency funds to pay for any emergencies that may arise.

This disclosure is provided to you to be certain you are aware of these facts.

If you have specific questions concerning any aspect of the mission trip in which you are participating, please contact Phil Hogan at 772-286-2708.

I have read this disclosure, understand its contents, and accept all risks that may be associated with this trip.

Participant Signature_______________________


Parent/Guardian (if under 18 yrs. of age)______________________


Representation of Hospital and Medical Coverage

The undersigned agrees that he/she has in effect a policy or policies of
medical and hospitalization insurance providing medical and hospital expenses
benefits, and that the policies are in full force during the time in which the
undersigned is a participant in the mission trip while visiting Arbol de Vida.

Participant Signature______________________________


Name of Medical Insurance Company_________________________